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Quality first and foremost

There are many reasons why you would be seeking a new managing agent. Perhaps you want to take management control out of the hands of the Landlord. Or you feel you are too involved with the responsibility and day to day running. Possibly you are a Landlord whose previous agent has failed to perform satisfactorily.

Or you may be the chair of a Resident Management Company or Tenant Association and are fed up with being ignored or seeing the same failings repeated time after time.

Wherever you come from, you want the way ahead to be an improvement. That’s where our assurance of quality makes all the difference. We have all the experience, qualifications, accreditation, memberships and probity to support our commitment to quality and integrity. Our commitment to quality is fundamental to all the work we undertake.

Our procedures are consistent with ARMA and RICS guidelines and our Managing Director is a Fellow of the Institute of Residential Property Management. We have the patronage of the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal which has appointed us to take over blocks under Management Orders. And, as stated above, we voluntarily subscribe to the ISO 9001 quality accreditation standard.

All components of our QMS procedures manual are updated in actual practice and subject to an external audit every year.

Our Company Policy requires critical incidents to be responded to within one hour; serious inconvenience to be responded to within 4-6 hours and problem resolved within 24 hours; queries regarding individual service charge and ground rent accounts to be responded to in writing within 5 days; general estate management queries to be responded to in writing within 10 days.

We are of course also properly registered under the Data Protection Act.

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Brian Parker
Our senior and very dear colleague, Brian Parker, passed away in January 2015 at the age of 76. He never considered retirement as an option and continued to dictate letters and memos from his hospital bed right up to the end. He is missed by us all.







45 years service ARMA ISO 9001 Highly Commended Arma Ace Awards Winner 2018